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    Adobe After Effects

                      VFX software used for post-production. After generation programming application, the software is used to incorporate novel effects to PC, television projects, advertisements, etc. Various incidents of Adobe After Effects are seen in Hollywood movies. For example, the opening arrangement for a science fiction motion picture, or Harry Potter’s enchantment spells are examples for visual effects created using the software.


    It is used for compositing, mainly utilized in post production after the generation of work in Television, publicizing, and showcasing, and films. Nuke has really been utilized in the creation of top quality tasteful effects in films like Tron: Legacy, Black Swan, Avatar, etc.


    Mocha is mainly utilized for rotoscoping. This VFX software has device tools that are used for wire removal, lens distortion, clean plate generation and mesh warping, to convey an all-in-one VFX tool set.  Mocha Pro is proposed to enhance editing and compositing of a scene, film or video. It allows visual effects artists to follow the shots where point trackers can’t reach, like shots with upheaval, shots with movement.

    To make a career in VFX, join MAAC after 12th.

    Maac offers both online and offline Courses and the popular maac VFX Courses are mentioned below.

    VFX Plus

    Program in Visual Effects

    This is an intensive course that focuses on the aesthetic & technical processes of VFX. You will get to study a detailed curriculum, along with studio-like learning experience, to excel in the VFX industry.

    ADVFX Plus

    Advanced Program in Visual Effects

    With this course, begin your VFX training with the fundamentals and go on to master the advanced techniques of VFX artistry.

    Compositing & Editing Plus

    Program in Compositing & Editing

    This course will train you in the essentials of the last stage of film production that has the creation of actual look & feel. Get equipped to excel in Rotoscopy, Match Moving and BG Prep, compositing & Editing.

    Master the Art of Visual Effects

    • Advanced Program in Visual Effects

    • Duration: 24 Months Duration.

    • Learn 15 Softwares & Industry Tools.

    • Advanced Syllabus & Production Techniques

    • 3D Equalizer,Silhouette, Nuke,Black Magic…

    • Learn Visual effects & Master It.

    • Dedicated Placement focus.

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    Animation career in India

    Animation career in India?

    Animation is a rapidly growing industry in India. With the increasing demand for animated content, there is a growing need for skilled animators in the country.

    Animation is a process of creating the illusion of motion and shape change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other. The word “animation” is derived from the Latin “animare”, meaning “to bring to life”.

    Animation is used in a variety of fields, including film, television, video games, web animation, and advertising. India has a long tradition of animation, dating back to the country’s earliest days of cinema.

    Some of India’s most famous animation studios include Toonz Animation India, Maya Entertainment, and Green Gold Animation. These studios have produced some of the country’s most popular animated content, including “The Jungle Book”, “The Power puff Girls”, and “Tom and Jerry”.

    Animation is a rapidly growing industry in India. With the increasing demand

    Scope Of Animation In India

    Get ready for high-paying jobs in the media and entertainment industry

     Scope Of Animation field In India is constantly brilliant. And also now a days, need for animation increased quickly. Every area and also every market desire to integrate the touch of computer animation right into their items. The Scope Of Animation In India is massive throughout the world. But in India, the future is large, intense & the market is in dire requirement of expert animators. Right here, the animation sector is still at an aspiring stage though in current times, thanks to the spread of digital media, people are revealing even more passion. Indian Animation Sector is fairly young.

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    Animation, VFX and Gaming

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      MAAC courses prepare you for exciting career options!

      ⁍︎ VFX ⁌︎

      Get empowered to use the latest tools & technologies and gain a thorough understanding of the new-age production workflow!

      ⁍︎ GAME DESIGN ⁌︎

      How to Become a Game Designer, Eligibility, Courses, Job Profile, and Salary & Scope. Curious to know? Talk to us now.

      ⁍︎ 3D ANIMATION ⁌︎

      Animation is fascinating. From a young age, you may have dreamed of creating your own movies, TV series, and so much more.
      • Advanced Program in Visual Effects

      • 24 Months Duration.

      • Learn 15 Softwares & Industry Tools.

      • Advanced Syllabus & Production Techniques

      • 3D Equalizer,Silhouette, Nuke,Black Magic…

      • Learn Visual effects & Master It.

      • Dedicated Placement focus.

      After Finish, Go With Your “Super Offer” From Top MNC and Happy Salary Package.

      • Master the Art of MAYA PRO

      • 6 Months Duration

      • Learn 6 Modules of Autodesk Maya, 

      • plus Career Specialzation training 

      • Advanced Program in Character Modeling.

      • Advanced Program in Character animation

      • Advanced Program in Lighting

      Our Recruiters in Chennai

      We are closely Associated with our Recruiters and our students are assured to get the 1st priority on placements.
      • The Art of Game Design and Technical Craft

      • 24 Months Duration.

      • Learn 13 Softwares & Gaming Tools.

      • Learn Both Unreal engine and unity 3d and Master It.

      • Advanced Syllabus & Gaming simulations training.

      Why Maac Academy Velachery Is The Best Training Institute In Chennai?

      ISO Certified Trainers
      3D animation film Awarded

      ✅  Helped more than 50,000+ students and professionals to start & shift their Career into IT.

      ✅ We enroll only 10 students per batch so that individual attention to each and every student is guaranteed.

      ✅ We have placement tie-up with more than 2700+ companies. Our Placement team works tirelessly to help you get your dream job.

      ✅ Trainers from leading MNC companies to provide an in-depth and practical training with real-time projects.

      ✅ Unlimited Lab Usage.

      With effective training for Global Industry Analysis

      multimedia courses in chennai

      Which course is best in multimedia,Multimedia & Creative Technologies?

      APDMD – Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

      Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design (APDMD) provides a comprehensive, 360 degree learning opportunity for extensive job-oriented training in responsive web design, 2D animation and print. Join MAAC Velachery, one of the best animation institute and make a career in the media and entertainment industry.



      Course duration:384 hours*

       Join APDMD now!


      APDMD is a career course at MAAC Velachery that helps you become a job-ready professional who can give a rich experience to web users. It is one of those career courses, where you will be introduced to the latest trends in the web and publishing industry like digital publication, augmented reality, mobile apps and interactive web content.

      This is a holistic course that provides students with a training in print, web, 2D animation and responsive web design. The latest industry trends such as digital production, augmented reality, and more enable them to create innovative pieces of digital communication.

      Semester 1: Certificate in Graphic & Print Design

        • Fundamentals of Design & Drawing
        • Concepts of Graphic & Illustration
        • Image Editing
        • Graphic Design
        • Page Layout

      Semester 2: Certificate in Web & Interactive Design Course

        • Concepts of Web Design
        • Interactive Design
        • Sound Editing
        • Webpage Designing
        • Video Editing
        • Fundamentals of JavaScript

      Semester 3: Certificate in Advanced Web

        • Responsive web design
        • Advanced front end design & development
        • Animation & interactivity for web
        • Desktop/mobile/tab/front-end design & development
        • Interactive digital publication
        • JQuery Integration
        • Basics of PHP & My SQL
        • Concept of content management system
      • Semester 4: Certificate in 2D Animation

        • Basics of 2D animation
        • Digital Storyboarding
        • Digital 2D Animation

      Software Covered

      • CorelDraw
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe InDesign
      • HTML5
      • Adobe Dreamweaver
      • Adobe Animate
      • Adobe Premiere
      • Java Script
      • Angular JS
      • Adobe Audition


      • CSS
      • PHP
      • MySQL
      • WordPress
      • Storyboard Pro
      • Harmony
      • Adobe ActionScript
      • Adobe XD
      • Bootstrap

      Career Options

      • Communication Designer
      • Digital Storyboard Artist
      • Graphic Designer
      • Web Designer
      • Illustrator
      • Media Content Manager
      • Mobile Content Designer
      • Packaging Designer
      • Page Layout Artist
      • Director
      • Designer for Interactive E-learning
      • Template Designer
      • UI Designer
      • UX Designer
      • App Designer
      • Visualiser
      • 2D Animator
      • Advertising Art

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      Best animation courses in chennai

      Best animation courses in chennai 2022 - 23.

      Students are constantly curious and search for creative opportunities in the entertainment industry, only only to make their lives easier but also quench their never ending thirst for Creative art. So lets get started with the top frequently asked questions of 2022 -2023.

      Learning animation can be applied to so many different tasks and artforms, Maac has the top-rated animation courses on everything from animation Industry. 

      Is Animation a Good Career? If you are passionate about creating art, then animation might be a career path for you to explore. There are various job opportunities available for animators. The demand for multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow at 4% for the next ten years (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Top animation movie scenes 

      Maya Entertainment Ltd, Heart Entertainment Limited, Crest Animation Studio Ltd, and Toonz Animation India are the top recruiters who hire fresh graduates post completing animation courses. The average range of salary that they offer can go up to INR 8-10 Lakhs.

      Top Recruiters in the Animation Industry

      AD3DEDGE PLUS – Advanced Program in 3D Animation

      Course Content

      • Digital Sculpting
      • Look Development
      • Lighting and Rendering
      • Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX
      • Character Setup & Skinning
      • Character Animation
      • Real-time Graphics

      Software Covered

      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe After Effects
      • Adobe Premiere
      • Adobe Audition
      • Autodesk® 3ds Max®
      • Autodesk® Maya®
      • Autodesk® Mudbox®
      • Adobe Substance 3D Painter
      • Autodesk® MotionBuilder®
      • Fusion
      • Unreal Engine
      • D Modeling Artist
      • Lighting Artist
      • Texture Artist
      • Render Artist
      • Character Animator
      • Layout Artist
      • Digital Sculpting Artist
      • Rigging Artist
      • Video Editor
      • Motion Graphics Artist
      • Fx Artist
      • Game Artist
      • 3D Generalist
      • 3D Visualizer

      Elective Specialization

      Elective Specialisation helps you to improve your skills and expertise, thereby also resulting in better results with high level of efficiency. AD3D EDGE PLUS offers Elective Specialisation for you in the course structure.

      You can choose to become a specialist in the following module of your choice: 

      • Modelling & Texturing Specialization
      • Lighting Specialization
      • Animation Specialization

      Modeling & Texturing course content

      • Art & technical aesthetics
      • Stylised character
      • Realistic character
      • Low poly character for games
      • Digital sculpting
      • Inorganic modelling

      Software covered

      • Autodesk® Maya®
      • Zbrush

      Lighting course content

      • Fundamentals of lighting, design & colour theory
      • Lighting environments
      • CG Lighting and use of shader
      • Production tips & tricks
      • Advance Shaders

      Software covered

      • Autodesk® Maya®

      Animation course content

      • Animation foundation
      • Basic performance animation
      • Character animation & body dynamics
      • Advanced performance animation

      Software covered

      • Autodesk® Maya®

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