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    MAAC courses prepare you for exciting career options!

    ⁍︎ VFX ⁌︎

    Get empowered to use the latest tools & technologies and gain a thorough understanding of the new-age production workflow!

    ⁍︎ GAME DESIGN ⁌︎

    How to Become a Game Designer, Eligibility, Courses, Job Profile, and Salary & Scope. Curious to know? Talk to us now.

    ⁍︎ 3D ANIMATION ⁌︎

    Animation is fascinating. From a young age, you may have dreamed of creating your own movies, TV series, and so much more.
    • Advanced Program in Visual Effects

    • 24 Months Duration.

    • Learn 15 Softwares & Industry Tools.

    • Advanced Syllabus & Production Techniques

    • 3D Equalizer,Silhouette, Nuke,Black Magic…

    • Learn Visual effects & Master It.

    • Dedicated Placement focus.

    After Finish, Go With Your “Super Offer” From Top MNC and Happy Salary Package.

    • Master the Art of MAYA PRO

    • 6 Months Duration

    • Learn 6 Modules of Autodesk Maya, 

    • plus Career Specialzation training 

    • Advanced Program in Character Modeling.

    • Advanced Program in Character animation

    • Advanced Program in Lighting

    Our Recruiters in Chennai

    We are closely Associated with our Recruiters and our students are assured to get the 1st priority on placements.
    • The Art of Game Design and Technical Craft

    • 24 Months Duration.

    • Learn 13 Softwares & Gaming Tools.

    • Learn Both Unreal engine and unity 3d and Master It.

    • Advanced Syllabus & Gaming simulations training.

    Why Maac Academy Velachery Is The Best Training Institute In Chennai?

    ISO Certified Trainers
    3D animation film Awarded

    ✅  Helped more than 50,000+ students and professionals to start & shift their Career into IT.

    ✅ We enroll only 10 students per batch so that individual attention to each and every student is guaranteed.

    ✅ We have placement tie-up with more than 2700+ companies. Our Placement team works tirelessly to help you get your dream job.

    ✅ Trainers from leading MNC companies to provide an in-depth and practical training with real-time projects.

    ✅ Unlimited Lab Usage.

    With effective training for Global Industry Analysis