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What is full form of VFX?

Visual effects (sometimes abbreviated VFX) is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking and video production. The integration of live-action footage and other live-action footage or CGI elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX.

VFX and Animation Course Online?

Whether you want to become a VFX artist or an animator, there are many online courses available to help you get started. Here are just a few of the many VFX and animation courses you can find online:

1. Maac Academy Introduced to learn VFX online – Program in Visual Effects.

Course duration:432 hours

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in visual effects, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience already. It covers the basics of VFX, including Compositing, 3D Tracking, Rotoscoping, Green matte Compositing and Match moving.

What is green matte?

Green mat technology also commonly known as chroma keying is widely used in film shooting. Chroma keying is nothing but picking up a color and replacing with a different image using computer graphics.

Why green mat is used for VFX?

The industry settled on green because, for compositing or chroma keying to work, the background color needs to be different. Different from skin tones, and different from wardrobe.

What is green mat in movies?

A green screen is a key component in a film and television production process known as “chroma keying,” in which foregrounded action is combined with separately filmed or constructed background footage.

Why is it called matte?

The word matte in matte painting refers to the fact that the painting would matte out or block the image in the background. Here is how a matte painting was done as far back as 1907.

Top Grossing Visual Effects Supervisor at the Worldwide Box OfficeBETA
RankNameWorldwide Box Office
1Roger Guyett$11,363,542,865
2Kelly Port$10,540,276,516
3Joe Letteri$10,034,416,325
4John Knoll$9,506,814,407

A Visual Effects artist is always in demand. MAAC is one of the leading institutes offering some of the best job oriented courses in animation, VFX, and Web and Graphic Designing.

To make a career in VFX, join MAAC after 12th.

Maac offers both online and offline Courses and the popular maac VFX Courses are mentioned below.

VFX Plus

Program in Visual Effects

This is an intensive course that focuses on the aesthetic & technical processes of VFX. You will get to study a detailed curriculum, along with studio-like learning experience, to excel in the VFX industry.


Advanced Program in Visual Effects

With this course, begin your VFX training with the fundamentals and go on to master the advanced techniques of VFX artistry.

Compositing & Editing Plus

Program in Compositing & Editing

This course will train you in the essentials of the last stage of film production that has the creation of actual look & feel. Get equipped to excel in Rotoscopy, Match Moving and BG Prep, compositing & Editing.

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3d animation and vfx

3D animation and VFX

VFX is artificial imagery used to create false images and scenes on a screen that are not shot with a raw camera lens. While the animation is the motion graphics and the movement of the graphics and pictures are used. VFX creators do not have to learn 2D and 3D animation.

VFX definition in 3D animation Pipeline

Basically, the VFX stage of the 3D animation pipeline deals with creating complex motions or elements that are too difficult or even impossible to be 3D animated manually or motion-captured. In most cases, 2D VFX can easily solve the problem at the end of the pipeline.

A career in animation and VFX has long been underestimated and is not seen as a very lucrative career, particularly in India. However, the reality is just the opposite. According to an estimate, the animation and VFX industry is expected to grow at a CGAR of 17.2% by the year 2021 and will be worth INR 131.7 billion.



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