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How OTT Platforms Have Made a Career in VFX and Animation Lucrative

When the world had shut down in 2020 due to the outbreak of coronavirus, people got stuck at home and began consuming more video content than they ever had. There was a voracious demand for content on various OTT platforms. Since, filmmakers and video creators could not step out of their homes to shoot elaborate production content, storytelling patterns changed. The focus on visual effects and animation increased with studio creators shifting to this industry. This led to the spotlight over the animation and VFX industry to shine brighter. This industry, which has usually been under the radar, found it being offered the centre stage. As a result, a career in VFX and animation industry became rather lucrative. So, if you are thinking of joining this realm, thereis  no better time than now.

The rise of the VFX and animation industry

Cinemas suffered major losses as a result of the pandemic, the world over. It has put a lot of production crew and artists out of work.The Indian counterparts also suffered from the pandemic measures. However, despite the country facing an overall economic slump, VFX and animation jobs seem to have witnessed a rise. Movie makers started creating stories that were relying heavily on this industry. Films like BaahubaliAvengers and Inception are some great examples of visual effects. Khaleesi’s dragon was also created by an Indian studio. Tenet is the newest film that even won an Oscar for its VFX.

The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) conducted an analysis on the visual effects and animation industry in India. It stated that this industry could potentially capture about 20-30% of the AVGC market, globally. Currently, it occupies only 10% of the market share. These numbers have pushed many production houses to invest heavily in this industry and release content on OTT platforms. Red Chillies is one of them, and have had over 300 artists working from home on movies like Class of ‘83RadheGunjan Saxena, etc. This is the silver lining the Indian media and entertainment industry has experienced. So, currently, an animation or VFX career may just be the most coveted line of business one could choose if he aspires to make a career in the film industry.

Career in VFX and animation is a sustainable choice

One of the reasons why this industry never stopped is that even in the middle of a lockdown, more and more content was being consumed on OTT platforms. Movie makers did not get a pass at creating content and had to rethink the way they made them. The demand for such content is still on the rise making it a great opportunity for content creators to consider a career in VFX and animation. Another upside is that you do not have to break social distancing norms while producing VFX or animation related content and can work from home.

The future is bright for this industry as other sectors like education, retail, sales, events and online solutions are also opting for hi-tech platforms to promote their brand. This means that VFX and animator jobs are not only limited to the film or entertainment industry. It is spanning across industries. One can now take up VFX and animation courses to get started and become part of this large industry or even consider it as a side gig that will only add to your monthly income.

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