3d Character and Face Modeling

How to make a 3D model of your face?
Face, Face + Neck, and Full Head.
Select the Full Head Reference to create a 3D model.

What are the Types of 3D character Modeling?
Wireframe modeling. Wireframe modeling is an approach that aims to demonstrate the basic structure of an object via lines and transparency.  Types of Modelings are Surface modeling, Solid modeling, NURBS patch modeling and SubD

Referencing Photogrammetry/Polygonal and Sculpting.

Modeling with facial animation in mind

Students seem to often find face topology so basics of what I found to be useful rules when learning to get functioning topology that can deform well, and helps sell the forms correctly. So if you find this helpful thats great, because I sure wish somebody taught me this shit when I was learning instead of just sending me a link to a super dense wire-frame of a well known game character and saying “Do it like this. less talking more referencing images.

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